Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Online Harvesting Wall

What are we learning?

What themes are surfacing that excite us?

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Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Here's what we wrote on the Harvest Wall that was on the back wall in McCormick Lounge.

• A new language
• Stretch
• deep listening
• compassion
• How is it that we can elicit so much admiration but not very much following?
• de-traditionalisation – an ‘a ha’ moment
• a small group of people can work miracles!
• connection on deeper levels
• sense of adventure
• flow
• God as the great homesickness that we just can’t shake off – Rilke
• Diversity
• Synthesis & New Life
• movement … movement together
• Intercongregational/Intercommunity
• make the path by walking it
• Don’t be naval watchers
• nurture relationships
• Trust in the mystery!
• Risk
• Be in your own voice
• Be sure to laugh along the way
• Authenticity
• Let’s not pave the sidewalks before we know where we are going … and sometimes we must destruct the old sidewalks—that’s a noisy and expensive process … are we in that stage now?
• Companionship
• Love
• Kairos moment
• Communitas
• Living now … Living for God … Living into/with the Spirit … Responding with God to the world
• Creative visionaries and high “riskability”—step out and step up
• Be yourself and keep faith
• We are more alike than we are unalike
• encouragement
• evolve
• Have (keep) a sense of humor!!!
• “La vida religiousa debe sonreir más para alegrar el mundo” … “Religious life should smile in order to bring joy to the world.”
• Our personal and collective purposes will vary according to where we are and who we are with
• Age gap yes, but common vision and hopes
• Interculturality
• walking the emerging each day to God’s future in us
• All generations are needed!
• Religious life will not die but evolve
• We are not alone even if we are sometimes lonely
• Hope
• Listening
• strength in unity
• life and fun!!!
• conversation = method (does not equal goal)